#EP02 of Profit from Conversations

In this episode of Profit from Conversations, VeerChand Bothra talks with Amit Agarwal of Manthan to discuss how to build a predictable sales model. He goes onto explain the ‘true spirit’ of sales and what it really means to be a Salespreneur. Listen to find out about the incredibly simple yet powerful ”One Thing” theory. 

Key takeaways

  • With the adoption of new SalesTech tools and Inside Sales, a lot more data is now available to Sales leaders for analysis. How does it impact the Sales organisation.
  • Challenges in Sales Coaching, ways to overcome them and a framework to increase adoption.
  • How can a Sales leader and manager understand the reasons behind a win or loss, and make it a regular process by templatizing it.
  • Understand what makes a Salespreneur and Salesowner.
  • Get to know the mindset behind Sales as a Service.

About Amit Agarwal:

Amit is SVP Sales and BD at Manthan systems and author of the book ‘ The Ultimate Sales Accelerator ‘. He believes that we all are in Sales because we all are selling a product, service or an idea.

With professional selling experience in 23 countries across bootstrapped, series A, B, C and D startups, he has coined the term Salespreneur® and created a new sales strategy called  Use Case Selling™ 

 In addition to ‘Sales’, ‘Human mind’, ‘Writing’ and ‘Evangelizing power of One thing’ are other key areas of interest for him.