Introducing Scoop – Conversation Intelligence for Sales Conversion Optimisation

Markets are conversations. This line from the book The Cluetrain Manifesto beautifully explains the concept of Markets as well as the power of Conversations. Read more

Conversation Analytics

What is Conversation Analytics?

Conversation Analytics Definition:

Conversation Analytics is a sophisticated technology that works on driving insights from a phone conversation between two people. It usually makes use of digital call recordings, transcribes it and uses Machine Learning or Keyword spotting to find trends in the transcripts.

These trends include engagement metrics like Talk to listen ratio, the Average number of questions asked, monologues etc. Conversation Analytics can give qualitative insights about conversations that were never possible before. It enhances the lives of Quality Assurance professionals who don’t have to rely on techniques like call sampling to reviewing the performance of reps.

Conversation Analytics working

How is Conversation Analytics beneficial for businesses? 

Bottom of the Sales funnel is the moment of truth. Conversations between sales rep and customer are a storehouse of wealth of information.

These conversations contain clues to unravel the mystery of why deals are won or lost. The key to unlock this potential is Conversation Analytics.

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