How do Inside Sales managers use Sales Call Analytics?

While on our visit to SaaStock’19 in Dublin last year, we met a Sales Manager, working at a SaaS company. With over a decade of experience in Sales and other similar roles, she had hands-on experience in B2B Sales. Read more

What is dead air?

What is Dead Air in conversations?

Dead Air Definition:

Dead air by definition, is a period of silence during a conversation between a representative and a prospect/customer. It’s present in both, Sales and Support conversations. Read more

Sales Coaching for reps

Sales Coaching with the right metrics

Sales coaching is something that a lot of companies tend to neglect or outsource.

Many times the guy who comes in to train the reps has barely closed a deal or two in his entire life.

Sales coaching is something that sales leaders just can’t neglect. Even if they claim they are doing it, they might be only tracking metrics like: Read more

11 Best Sales books to read in 2020!

Sales is one of the crucial parameters for any business to flourish and there are multiple means that can be adopted to enhance the sales process in your organization.

As we move ahead in 2020, you must be wondering how to win more leads this year and bring in more to revenue to the organization. Well, to make it easier for you, I would like to recommend, “Sales books”. Read more

Building A Predictable Sales Model in the Modern Era

The following article is based on the conversation between Amit Agarwal and VeerChand in the second episode of Profit from Conversations, a podcast by scoop. Click here to listen to the full episode.
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7 Best techniques for Inside Sales Coaching

In this modern-day competitive world, businesses are finding various new innovative techniques and technologies to improve their sales figures. Sales coaching is one of those techniques of inside sales that helps the sales team drive significant revenue for their company. It can make a great difference in sales performance along with saving an ample amount of time and resources.  Read more

Write for us!

We occasionally accept guest blogs from the best of the best to enhance our in-house expertise. Think you qualify? We welcome your audition, but we must warn you our standards are lofty and we are extremely selective. Read more

Qualitative Data Analysis for Inside Sales

Inside sales professionals have always focused on quantitative data.

With the rise of CRMs, numerical data in sales naturally became the cornerstone of all processes. Read more

Scoop Super Six!

We’re continuously on the hunt to find the best content on the internet around SalesTech and MarTech.

Here’s the best of what we’re reading.

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The rise of inside sales in B2B SaaS

With the advancement in technology, the sales processes have also been evolving – the sales function is focused more towards excelling in conversations that lead to revenue win to the organization. Especially with the rise of B2B Saas products in the market, the telemarketers in a traditional business have been trained to become inside sales representatives. Read more