Why does your sales representative suck at cold calling?

One of the articles on Entrepreneur.com states that “Phone calls are still the primary channel for customer communications: Social media channels handle just 3 percent of all customer communications, compared to 68 percent who contact customer service by phone.

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What I’ve learnt from SaaStock 2019

It’s not every day that you see so many people building SaaS products and aiming to disrupt the world. 

When I started thinking about this roundup of SaaStock 2019 and got back to my notes, I was worried about fitting so much into a single blog post.  Read more

A comprehensive SaaStock’19 Guide for Startups

October is now upon us and that means one thing, Saastock is just around the corner, starting on 14th and ending on 16th. SaaStock has  grown each year and this year around 4,000 people are expected to attend it in the beautiful city of Dublin. With an event that is growing bigger each year, how can you make sure that your time at SaaStock is not wasted? Read more

The Ultimate B2B Product Launch Guide for Startups

So you’ve developed a B2B product that might change or even revolutionize the world or a particular sector. You’ve had your beta testing and the response was great, it’s time to go out to the world. Read more

Introducing Scoop – Conversation Intelligence for Sales Conversion Optimisation

Markets are conversations. This line from the book The Cluetrain Manifesto beautifully explains the concept of Markets as well as the power of Conversations. Read more

Conversation Analytics

What is Conversation Analytics?

Bottom of the Sales funnel is the moment of truth. Conversations between sales rep and customer are a storehouse of wealth of information.

These conversations contain clues to unravel the mystery of why deals are won or lost. The key to unlock this potential is Conversation Analytics.

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