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With the ever-changing market, your customer and their preferences change inevitably. Similarly, your sales principles and strategies must also change in order to cope with the change. Therefore, developing a strong and predictable sales model is a necessity in this modern era. 

In a similar fashion, we live in the present-day technological world where each of our lives are touched with the waves of technology one way or another, and so does to your business.

As per reports, the worldwide expenditure on technology has reached about $3,360 billion in 2019

There is a dire need for you to adopt the latest technology in your business, leverage it wisely, and see your business skyrocketing.

Unfortunately, there are many companies out there who ignore such transitions and choose to stick with their previous sales model. And despite working harder and harder, their sales model fails to produce the desired results. 

In a nutshell, their sales model needs revamping and predictability to register substantial business growth. So, here is how you can build a predictable sales model.

Impact of Technological Innovation on Sales and Data

Gordon Moore, an American businessman and the co-founder of Intel Corporation, predicted in the 1960s that new and innovative technological advancements will pave the way to better and newer advancements increasing rapidly.

Technology is evolving constantly, and present-day businesses are on the way to becoming even more dependent on it to drive their business and sales efficiently. 

Sales processes are revamped entirely from prospecting and sales closure, to mobile, cloud technologies, digital sales, and big data. Consequently, many organizations are keen to embrace the latest technologies to achieve higher productivity, competitive edge, and profitability.  

  • Big data

A recent report says that on average, only 12% of the overall data is analysed by many organizations. This is where the technology of Big Data comes into the picture. Big data analytics assist businesses to focus their efforts in sales and drive business growth. With tonnes of data being collected in the form of digital calls, chats, emails, etc bid data has a dire need in the field of Sales. It’s extremely surprising why so less companies are actually leveraging this.

  • Automation

Business automation technologies automate various tasks and free sales employees up so that they can focus more on sales activities to generate higher sales figures and bring in more revenue for the organization. Sales and Marketing as a space require a lot of automation. We’ve seen a rise in automation tools over the last two decades. With the arrival of CRMs on the scene, automation became everyday talk. Scoop allows your repetitive and tedious quality assurance process in the Sales calls. 

  • Cloud-Based technologies for CRM

Cloud-based CRM technologies allow sales employees to acquire accurate and fast customer insights along with their buying preferences, thereby, driving their productivity, agility, and effectiveness. Tools like Engagio help your 

Challenges To Sales Coaching And Ways To Overcome These Challenges

Sales coaching is an effective way to boost the confidence and abilities of your sales team. It can enhance your team onboarding, improve sales, maintain an energetic and optimistic work culture, and ultimately boost revenue. 

However, there are some challenges to sales coaching that can impact our team significantly, if not taken care of. So, let’s find out what are those challenges and how to overcome them.

  • Generic Conversations

Sales coaching might fail if the sales manager falls back on basic conversations. Unexpectedly, many of them run out of innovative and critical ideas, which can lead to a less engaging sales coaching session. 

The sales manager must individualize each sales rep as they are all different with different problems and look for targeted ways to identify their unique weaknesses and strengths to streamline the coaching experience.

  • Time Constraints

As sales managers have multiple responsibilities of managing and meeting deadlines, they should make effective planning on how they can provide an efficient sales coaching within a limited time.

  •  Lack of Motivation 

Lack of motivation can prove to be a major challenging factor and can lead to sales reps to lose focus and direction. So, a sales manager must always try to inspire and motivate sales reps so that they remain focused on their work to bring more sales. Unless a Sales rep is motivated about his work, he’ll never crush his quota.

  •  Poor Coaching Methods

If the sales manager fails to connect with the reps and provide valid solutions to their problems, sales coaching will automatically become a waste of time in the minds of the reps. 

Therefore, managers must create a disciple environment, trace the root issues of each rep, and show them how to deal with it.

Developing A Framework For Adoption On New Innovation

Building a solid framework to adopt innovation and technologies into your business is a keystone that can impact your overall business culture and results. A strong framework is needed to implement your ideas innovatively. 

  • Creating a scalable and global platform

You must strive for creating such a business platform that is global and scalable so that you can harness more creative talents from your employees in-line with your business strategy.  

  • Invest In An Idea Management System

Idea management systems constitute a crucial part of the framework on innovation where employees can easily participate. Besides, it also begets transparency to the process of innovation framework. Consider investing in a system/software for the same to track every idea along with its history.

Besides, make sure the ideas are reviewed and its associated feedback must also be stored in the same system.

  • Concentrate On Targeted Innovation

In the beginning, you can use targeted innovation operations that are focused on enhancing the existing features and products. Additionally, you can also train your employees to cope with the new approach to garner increased collaboration.

  • Establish Prudent Business Principles 

When you want to promote an innovation framework across your company, you need to create a group or community of innovation champs for establishing prudent business principles

As they are hand-picked advocates and highly talented with extensive reach and connections, they can promote an insightful exchange of great ideas to positively impact your business.

Psychology Behind Sales Win or Loss

A vibrant and enthusiastic team with correct selling strategies is vital for the success of a business. However, it is also true that selling is not everyone’s cup of tea and not everyone can produce great results. But it is the psychology that also plays a major role in ending up as a successful sales rep or otherwise. 

If a sales rep really wants to break into the team of top 20% sales reps,  he, she or they needs to work on ways to improve strategies, problem-solving techniques, communication skills, and so on. 

As small differences in one’s ability can make huge differences in the ultimate results, this ability is what impacts the psychology behind sales win or loss. Therefore, to improve the selling ability, a sales rep must focus on enhancing the following key areas:

  • Prospecting
  • Building report
  • Identifying real-time needs
  • Presentation
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Techniques of sales closure
  • Ways to get more referrals and resales

Difference Between A Salespreneur and Sales owner

Sales Owners are the ones who actually build wealth for the economy. It generates the true sales of ownership when a sales rep can bring livelihood to people with his or her sales order that benefits both the organization and the people. They bring both the spirit of sales along with the key attributes of selling. Furthermore, it is an act of service incorporating customers, economy, and so on.

On the other hand, Salespreneur is a different avatar of a sales owner. When a person harnesses all these aspects of selling by learning technology and acquiring knowledge, that person becomes a salespreneur. It requires a great amount of dedication to learn and adopt all these aspects and leverage technology to produce a highly predictable sales result. 

You can compare sales owners and salespreneurs with craft and art respectively. Art is something that comes from within and is an innate ability that is greater than technique or technology. Craft, on the other hand, can be learned with a few steps, understanding, and dedication. 

Mindset and Purpose Behind Sales as a Service

Have you wondered what sets the finest sales reps apart from others? Well, the answer lies in the mindset and the way they identify sales processes and products fundamentally. A seller must be able to curate the needs of people to serve them better with the right mindset driven by motivation so that they can see sales as a service, not just a job. 

Let’s find out some of the mindset and purpose behind sales as a service!

  • Using persuasive and positive vocabulary to build trust and rapport, engagement, and improve the chances of selling. 
  • Customer-centric attitude to provide a positive and consistent customer experience right from the first conversation through proper guidance and listening to them.
  • Prioritize on Problem-solving and benefits so that you can solve the problems of customers and add value in their lives. 
  • Letting go of certain preconceived expectations and desires so that you can free your mind and allows you for approaching new leads while having a fresh outlook. 

Wrapping Up

The future of sales lies in more technology and automation to ease the overall sales process such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, tools for sales enablement, and so on. As per a report, AI is forecasted to contribute about $15.7 trillion by 2030 to the worldwide economy.

Many organizations including start-ups are applying different technologies as part of their sales cycle to improve and manage their sales.

Sales technologies will continue transforming the buying behaviours of customers requiring sales organizations for adopting the latest and most relevant trends in technology. Besides, the wider reach of the internet into the lives of people will also positively impact the sales industry including offline and digital sales. Thus, organizations must build a predictable sales model with the above-mentioned insights to strive and make substantial profit margins.