#EP01 of Profit From Conversations

In the first episode of Profit from Conversations, VeerChand Bothra talks with Chintan Parekh to discuss how Pepipost is leveraging Tawk’s Live Chat tool and Scoop’s Conversation Analytics for Inside Sales effectiveness. Pepipost is a power user of Live Chat as well as Conversation Analytics, and Chintan shares some interesting stories and practical tips that can be used by SaaS companies to increase their conversions from web traffic.

Key takeaways

  •  How Pepipost is using Live Chat to not just generate leads but to also close the sale
  •  The difference in measuring the effectiveness of Sales chat vs Support chat
  •  How the human touch of Live Chat leads to loyalty
  • Understand how Pepipost used Conversation Analytics to optimizes their Sales efforts by focusing on the right chats
  •  Using Live Chat and Conversation Analytics for Marketing and Product Management

About Chintan Parekh:

Chintan has over 14 years of experience in Sales and Customer Success. With the advent in Salestech, Chintan has witnessed the shift from a more traditional form of Sales processes to a more innovative approach towards Sales and Customer Success.

Chintan currently works at Pepipost, Asia’s largest Email deliverability service provider as the Head of Sales & Customer Success. He has helped the company to grow exponentially by constantly reducing the friction in the Sales processes and driving innovative initiatives to grow business and generating value for his customers