Maximize your Outreach with

Scoop seamlessly integrates with to give you insights into your Sales conversations.

Maximize your Outreach with

From Inside to Insight sales

Integrating Scoop with Outreach gives you complete control over the quality of conversations your team is having on Outreach. With Outreach and Scoop integrated you can easily do the following

Identify your best Sales opportunities

Track competitor and pricing mentions

Get accurate transcripts

Create a collection of your best sales calls

<h4>From Inside to Insight sales

Improve your team’s performance on Outreach

Provide structured feedback to your team on the calls they on Outreach. Scoop’s Data-driven feedback management system creates a collaborative culture of sharing info and tips not only by managers but also between peers. Drive a behavioral change in your team with data-driven feedback.

<h4>Improve your team's performance on Outreach

Get engagement metrics

Know the quality of conversations your reps are having with prospects with engagement metrics like talk to listen ratio, dead air, interactivity switches, etc.

<h4>Get engagement metrics

Collection of your best Outreach calls allows you to create a collection of your best calls happening on Outreach. You can use these to ramp new hires and coach the existing team. This gives them a better understanding of what’s working on these calls, what are the right questions to ask, perfect ways to handle and objection and much more.

<h3>Collection of your best Outreach calls

Maximize your Outreach, using!