With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, companies have shifted most of their operations to their homes. Including Conversations.

Here’s are some interesting insights from Google Trends:

Online Conferencing tools like Zoom, Outreach, GoToMeeting, Skype, etc have seen a sudden boost in their business as companies and professionals are looking forward to digital conversations.

As more and more digital conversations are recorded every day, it opens a new form of opportunity for companies as they can now record, transcribe and analyze all their digital conversations.

How does it work?

Scoop seamlessly integrates with your online meeting tool to transcribe and analyze your internal & extenal conversations. Scoop’s Conversation Intelligence Engine then makes use of Machine Learning to find insights from your conversations. These reports and insights can then by used by Business Leader to uncover key insights of their businesses.

How can companies benefit from Scoop?

Companies can use scoop with their online meeting tool to improve the quality of conversations your reps have with prospects and customers and also use it as a playback and search tool for all your internal meetings.

Engagement Metrics

Talk to Listen Ratio: Know how engaging the overall conversation is by tracking talk to listen ratio. The sweet spot for a healthy conversation is around 43:57, which is also know as the golden talk to listen ratio.

Average Dead Air: Dead air refers to that parts of conversations where neither of the participants spoke. A high amount of dead air leads to bad customer experience.

Average no. of questions: Average number of questions asked reveal a higher purchase intent from the customer. Train your reps to ask meaningful conversations to understand your customers better.

Longest Monologues: Listening is an important part of a conversation. Driving a behavioral change in your reps, for example, to reduce monologues, you need to have a data-driven approach.

Structured, Contextual and personalized feedback.

Managers never have to rely on unstructured and verbal feedback ever again.

Data-driven feedback management system creates a collaborative culture of sharing info and tips not only by managers but also between peers.

Driving a behavioral change in reps can only be brought about by structured, contextual and personalized feedback.

Prioritize your leads!

Leads are a goldmine for Salespeople. Conversation Intelligence helps you to dig at the right places to get the gold!

As every single of your calls are analyzed, the key parts of a conversation that signify purchase intent are always captured. You can focus completely on understanding the customer’s pain-points.

You can go back to these call recordings, analyze the key parts parts better and be prepared to close the deal on the second call itself.

Imagine being able to access your best conversations from yesterday or even the last month to look for purchase intent and also qualify your leads once again after the call.

Look our for Competitor and Pricing Mentions!

Sales Managers and reps can save a ton of their crucial time by easily identifying best Sales opportunities.

Scoop highlights key parts, like competitors and pricing, of these conversations. Sales Managers can now 2x their team’s productivity right out of their homes.

Search through your conversations

Google search for all your sales calls. Yes, imagine being able to search for keywords across all your sales conversations?

As a Sales person it’s easy to spot “words” that signify the value of a customer.

Searching for business specific keywords across all your conversations empowers you to dig deep into your conversations and even predict questions and responses in future conversations.

You can even create collections based on these “words” which auto-populate so you can access these conversations quickly for going through the call recording or transcript.

You also can categorize your follow-ups for better pipeline organisation.

Using Conversation Intelligence will become a must for all the Sales reps in near future.

If you’re a Sales representative reading this, consider yourself lucky. You’re already ahead of a lot of other Sales reps. Conversation Intelligence will not only help you become a better salesperson but also help you understand behavioral psychology.

Help your team crush quota during difficult times, using Scoop!

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