While on our visit to SaaStock’19 in Dublin last year, we met a Sales Manager, working at a SaaS company. With over a decade of experience in Sales and other similar roles, she had hands-on experience in B2B Sales.

We, being as hungry as you for discovering new advancements in SalesTech, decided to have a conversation with her.

She had been a power user of Sales Call Analytics. As a sales leader, it’s highly challenging for her to analyze every call and keep track of the updates.

Sales Leaders

Focus less on taking notes, more on listening!

During customer calls, she uses the Conversation Analytics tool to help her practice active listening, and not get distracted by the need to take word for word notes. With a longer enterprise sales cycle, it’s very important for a sales representative to be able to access the key points of a conversation after it ends.

A Conversation Analytics tool does just that by dutifully transcribing the entire call from which she can extract important points.

 One can take important notes out of a 45 minutes call within seconds.

She uses Sales Call Analytics mainly to:

  1. Try and understand what the pain points are for the potential customer.
  2. Focus on deal-specific ‘risks’. Many times a potential customer may be concerned about something that you may not have caught on call but the ability to go back to calls to identify risks that may sway a customer away from the conversion is a major plus.

Be better prepared for follow-up calls!

She uses Sales Call Analytics to prepare better for her follow-up calls. Going through the transcription refreshes her memory. She’s able to recall the important points and action items discussed during the previous call. And on the basis of that, she’s able to ask the right set of questions in the follow-up call.

I can actually like ‘dig’ other details out of that to make sure I’m hitting on the specific things that the customer is needing.

Need for BANT

One interesting feature request that we received for Scoop is ‘Prompts based on sales qualification models’

For example: If you’re a sales team is following BANT( Budget, Authority, Time, Need), a simple prompt like “Hey, you’re missing out on discussing the budget” could be very important. Even an experienced sales person like her sometimes misses asking some important questions, and wouldn’t mind being prompted about it.

Improve your Sales coaching

Sales Coaching for Sales representatives

I think a lot of Sales Managers don’t take the time out for Sales coaching. But I think if they did, they could definitely increase their sales significantly.

Metrics provide by a Conversation Analytics too like Scoop like talk to listen ratio, dead air, the average number of questions helps a Sales manager understand where a rep needs coaching.

For example, a balanced talk to listen ratio is the best in order to keep the conversation more engaging.

It was great to see a Manager from a fast-moving SaaS company, as an early adopter of Sales Call Analytics. We learned some interesting use-cases and insights from her experience.

With the advancements in SalesTech, Sales leaders are moving towards a data-driven approach for their Sales processes. Sales Call Analytics not only enable sales professionals to increase their conversions but also improve the quality of their conversations. 

Talk to us if you’d like to know more about the potential of Sales Call Analytics.