About Outreach

Outreach is the world’s number one sales engagement platform. With Outreach, you grow revenue faster and more predictably. Sales reps get the insights, and the recommended actions to close deals quickly and effectively.

At the core of Outreach is the sequence. Sequences help sales reps plan exactly when and how each customer interaction happens. So when a rep arrives for work in the morning, their tasks are outlined, prioritized and ready to go.

The Outreach platform is versatile and easy to use. Basically, outreach has four major components: a complete system of email, social, voice, and text-based communication to reach prospects on their terms and get on their calendar, empowering your team and pushing their performance. An always-on assistant that extracts key customer information and auto-updates all records even when they’re out of office.

About the Integration:

From Inside to Insight sales

Integrating Scoop with Outreach gives you massive control over the quality of conversations your team is having. With Outreach and Scoop integrated you can easily do the following:

  • Identify your best Sales opportunities
  • Track competitor and pricing mentions
  • Get accurate transcripts
  • Create a collection of your best sales calls

Provide 1:1 structured Feedback

With lots of calls happening on your Outreach account, you want the ability to provide structured and personalized feedback to your teams for performing better on these calls. Picking a few calls out of hundreds of calls to review your teams’ performance is not an efficient method for reviewing and providing feedback.

Scoop’s Data-driven feedback management system creates a collaborative culture of sharing info and tips not only by managers but also between peers. Drive a behavioral change in your team with data-driven feedback.

Get engagement metrics

Know the quality of conversations your reps are having with prospects with engagement metrics like talk to listen ratio, dead air, interactivity switches, etc.These metrics give you a deep understanding into the quality of your conversations.

These metrics determine the quality of your conversations and help you understand how ‘meaningful’ your conversations are. For example, a prospect asking questions and engaging is more likely to conver

Integrate Scoop with Outreach today to dig deeper into your Inside Sales conversations.

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