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Corey Rich (Sales Manager, Clicklease) goes onto explain why Sales Coaching in a must in today’s age and the lack of 1:1 rep coaching at scale.

With detailed comments from Industry Leaders, this is a great source of information for Sales professionals.

Sales Leadership Podcast is a podcast by Rob Jeppsen, CEO of Xvoyant.

This week, Dave Kennet of Replayz joined him on the Sales Leadership Podcast to talk about how to embed coaching as an expected and appreciated part of the Sales Culture.

Ron Schmelzer explains that “The core of sales as a process is focused on one human being’s ability to connect with another and convince them that they need to buy what the offeror has for sale.”

It’s interesting to see how AI is enhancing Sales and will continue to do so in the coming years.

It’s very easy to count the number of people who responded “Satisfied” or “Extremely happy” but when it comes to analyzing feedback which is in the form of unstructured text, things get a bit difficult.

Businesses have started focussing on qualitative data just much as they do on quantitative data.  Read to find out Uber’s review of text analysis.

“Their”, “there” and “they’re” are all used in completely different contexts, and humans who are fluent in English know which is which. Here’s why contextual information completes the picture while generating a transcript.

Read more to find out how powerful ASRs will help your Sales teams in the coming years.

Wondering which CRM best suits your needs? Or how you can increase conversions by identifying the best opportunities? Here’s a complete list of the best Sales tools of 2019 by Smart Selling Tools.

Read more to find out how you can leverage the best sales tools to maximize conversions.