People are working remotely. Economies are crashing. These are difficult times thanks to COVID-19.

We at strongly believe that supporting each other during such adversities will significantly help us recover faster. Times like these help us understand how our collective consciousness works during adversities. 

We can beat Covid-19 with mutual support!

Work from home is increasingly becoming the norm. While Inside Sales teams were always selling remotely, even the field Sales reps are now learning the ropes. 

And as a result, the number of digital conversations with customers is only going to increase. 

In general, companies are fighting financial stress and our Sales community is challenged to fulfill their quotas.To help your team maximize productivity and navigate these difficult times, we’ve decided to offer Scoop free for 3 months. No strings attached.

How can we help you?

If you’re leveraging Inside Sales/Remote Sales to sell your products or services to your customers, we can make your life much much easier.

Scoop is a Conversation Analytics platform that helps you identify your best Sales opportunities, track competitor and pricing mentions and also provided personalized and structured feedback to your team(who are probably working from home).

Scoop seamlessly integrates with your online meeting tool and your CRM to give you insights into your conversations with prospects. You can prioritize your time by focussing on your best prospects so you don’t lose out on business.

You can also use Scoop’s Search function to look for specific keywords across all your conversations. With the recent outbreak, a lot of businesses are finding direct and indirect ways to grow and help the community simultaneously.

We wish to do the same by helping Remote/Inside Sales professionals fulfill their quota in a time of complete adversity.

Remote/Inside Sales is going to become a crucial profile in the coming weeks. As this will drive the economy forward in a time where people are forced to work from their homes.

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