Companies across the globe are laying off people, cutting down their expenses, halting their hiring, etc, all due to the rise of the Coronavirus.

However, there’s one particular company that is experiencing a monumental shift in their business, Zoom.

Zoom is literally booming!

Zoom is being deployed across schools, hospitals, businesses, families, etc, to continue with their usual way of living while reducing the setbacks brought by the pandemic. People are finally starting to realize the power of digital conversations. While a lot of companies are learning to lead sales while working from home, others have started optimizing their digital conversations.

With Zoom offering significant features like unlimited 1-to-1 meetings, hosting up to 100 members, etc, for free, a lot of companies are neglecting the power of a PRO plan. Priced at $14.99/mo, it has to be one of the best deals on the internet right now.

The Basic plan offers an MP4 or M4A local recording, however we strongly advise you to go for the PRO plan to optimal use of your Zoom Call recordings.

4 reason to upgrade to PRO:

  • Remove time restriction: With your free Zoom service, you get unlimited meetings, with unlimited minutes for one-to-one meetings. But if you have a group – 3 to 100 video participants – your meeting cuts out after 40 minutes. So, if you’re having a super important call with, for example, your Inside sales team, an important customer, your tech support team, you probably don’t want that meeting to time out just as you were starting to resolve the customer’s issue. To be safe and appear totally professional, it would be best to put up the $14.99 for a Pro account. It’s worth it!
  • Reporting: Pro users get daily and usage reports on their account, including reports on new users, meetings, participants, and meeting minutes.
  • Custom Personal Meeting ID: Your personal meeting ID (PMI) is assigned to you automatically as a permanent virtual room. You can start it at anytime on-the-fly or schedule it for a future use. If you have a Pro plan, you can customize your PMI with any ten digits you want that haven’t already been taken by someone else. We recommend using your phone number – that makes it easier to remember.
  • Assign Scheduler: Now your assistant or anyone else you designate can schedule your meetings for you.

How to record a call on Zoom?

Here’s how you can integrate with Scoop to start optimizing!

Scoop is a Conversation Intelligence platform that works towards providing key insights into your internal & external digital conversations you teams have. We integrate with Zoom easily and help you transcribe and analyze EVERY SINGLE CALL.

Scoop is available on the ZOOM Marketplace!

5 Tips to Optimize your ZOOM Call recordings!

  • Get transcripts and searchablity: Trancripts is a power a powerful tool when it comes to revisiting your Zoom Call recording. Imagine being able to search for specific keywords across a 90 minutes call. ” I search for ‘pricing’ and get a list of all of Zoom calls where ‘pricing’ was mentioned.” says Tanishq Juneja, CEO of Pepipost.

Being able to read the transcripts and being able to search through it using keywords is a very powerful way to have close control over the kind of conversations your team is having, internally or externally. You can also give personalized feedback to specific messages across the transcripts. This helps in bringing a behavioral change in your agents and teams which leads to improvement in the quality of the conversations.

  • Creating collections of your favorite calls: We recently helped Netcore Solutions to reduce their Sales rep ramp time from 2 weeks to merely 4 days. This was done primarily through one simple technique. The Sales leaders at Netcore used Scoop to create a collection of their best conversations and other conversations to give new hires a direct insight into how handle objections, answer specific questions, understand competitive advantages, etc.
    Teams can scoop to create collections based on their parameters. These collections can be used for ramping up new hires, references for future meetings, segregating important conversations from the others.

  • Engagement Metrics: This is highly applicable for Sales teams wanting to improve the quality of their conversations with customers and prospects. Engagement metrics give you a deeper understanding into how engaging the conversations are, how interactive they are and much more.

    Engagement metrics like Dead air, Interactivity switches, Talk to listen ratio, etc, show how much well reps are performing over call. Engagement is crucial while driving a behavioral change in reps.

    For example, I personally faired pretty low when it came to asking questions during a conversation. This often led to long monologues where I would just keep on talking about how Scoop can transform their sales without asking them the right questions. Once when I started leveraging engagement metrics, I was clearly able to spot the flaws in my own conversations.


  • No more note taking: It’s obvious that since Scoop transcribes all of your Zoom Call recordings, you never have to rely on note-taking. However, we notch this up by using Machine Learning to highlight key areas of a conversation like pricing discussions, competitor mentions, feature requests and much more.

  •  Create topics: The ability to create topics that auto-populate whenever the conditions are met. This proves to be a real gamechanger when it comes to tracking to your upset customers and reducing churn, or tracking a specific product request over a period of time.
    Your marketing teams can utilize this information to optimize their marketing campaigns and also gives your teams a better understanding of the market. You can create unlimited trends based on your business-specific needs and scoop shall track those trends in your conversations.

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Due to the current outbreak and surge in the usage of Web conferencing tools, we’ve decided to extend our free trial from 1 month to 3 months, no strings attached. We wish to help the Sales community thrive and crush quota during such crucial times.

If you’d like to get a sample of analysis and transcripts, feel free to get in touch with us!