Analyze and Search your digital conversations

Scoop enables you to transcribe, analyze and search all your digital conversations. You can also share 1:1 personalized feedback with your team.

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Analyze and Search your digital conversations

Search through your online meetings using keywords!

Imagine being able to replay all your online meetings and searching through the transcripts, analyzing the conversations and sharing contextual feedback with your team.

Why do I need Scoop?

Dashboards to track & measure

Track the quality of your Digital conversations and measure them on performance-linked parameters like Talk-to-Listen ratio, Interactivity, Engagement, Dead-air etc.

Search to dig deeper

Get visibility into specific topics by searching conversations based on keywords, rep, intent, and much more. Find out what’s happening and dig deeper for insights.

Collections to inform & review

You can create a collection of your digital conversations like onboarding, coaching, internal meetings, etc. One can also set a rule for a collection and let it auto-populate once the rules are met.

1:1 personalized feedback

Share structured, contextual & personalized feedback with your team members. Get notifications when they accept or reject your feedback.


Identify the golden opportunities by picking up intent clues from customer conversations across channels.


Analyze rep-customer interactions, identify areas of improvement and deliver personalized coaching at scale.


Get a feel of the market by mining customer conversations for signals on competitors, products and pricing.

Simple subscription plans for your size of business.

Sales Call Analytics for Business Leaders

Business Leader

Track business metrics and analyze market trends to identify factors impacting conversions.

Sales Manager


Eliminate guesswork through data-driven analysis to develop a personalized coaching blueprint.



Get a personal trainer who doesn’t just show how you’re doing but also nudges you towards your goals.

Here’s what our users have to say!

Conversation analytics can open up new possibilities to improve telesales & chat effectiveness and provide better customer experience.

Vishal Subharwal
Vishal Subharwal
EVP – ecommerce & Digital Marketing, HDFC Life Insurance

Our efficiency in analyzing customer satisfaction feedback increased exponentially as we started using Scoop. What used to take us days, at times even weeks, now happens instantly.

S Balajee
S Balajee
Head – Operations, Netcore

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